Due to the fact that people seem solid as to their opinion that the Titanic movie is somehow good, as well as our boredom trying to tell them otherwise, this site will probably not be updated for a while. As shown by our poll below, most people either love it or hate it. Oh well. We will probably come back and update this page more after a few more people on television claim it to be "the greatest of all time" and get us mad again.



NOTE: This web page contains opinions which discuss the flaws and the overall low quality of the 1997 film Titanic. If you enjoyed the film, but can handle some clean debate, please proceed and enjoy this site. However, if you are one of those who enjoyed the film so much that you cannot handle opinions that are not complimentary of it, it is suggested that you visit the official Titanic movie homepage by clicking here. Please keep things to a level of maturity.



Does a film that wins "BEST PICTURE" need a decent screenplay anymore? Or does it simply need to lead in box-office and merchandise sales? Mant email messages have been recieved pointing out a multitude of errors in the film. This web page was not created so much to point out mistakes (they can be found in all films), so much as to express opinions that the movie does not deserve all the hype and acclaim that it is recieving. However, our writers do discuss the portions of this film they feel are "mistakes" to further their point. Thank you for your letters and thanks for visiting our site. A menu has been constructed below to allow easy access to the sections of this web page.


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The 1997 film TITANIC is by far the most overrated filth of the decade. By the way, in case you didn't realize, this web site is discussing how terrible the recent Titanic film is. Now that we're all on the same level, let's proceed.

Now all of us have heard the hype, and most of us have probably viewed this movie. As a matter of fact, I've heard of people that have viewed it at least 14 times (I don't understand this. Why would anyone watch ANY movie at the theater 14 times on their own?!). Perhaps those people are so overwhelmed by the special effects and the supposed "love story" that they overlook the fact that it just really isn't that good!

Story of Mediocrity

Okay, Titanic was supposed to be an emotional story, right? It was to make us all cry, correct? Then how come the only emotion so many of us displayed was laughter. That's right laughter. So many of us, the silent majority of us, who felt that the film was so pathetic and of such low quality that it was worth more than a few chuckles.

Just listen for a second. A girl, who already set to marry, leaves a well educated and sophisticated young man for a streetboy just because he teaches her things, like how to spit?! It doesn't make any sense. The fiancee obviously cared for Rose (the girl), and even gave her his jacket when she looked cold, forgetting that the pocket held such a valuable jewel. Yet she leaves this man for Jack (the streetboy), a shorter, weaker little guy who can't even draw! That drawing of Rose was terrible. What does she see in Jack? I see this streetboy who has no idea of what he wants to do but spit out the side of the boat. The fiancee of Rose was obviously the better man, and had it all together. Also, he just looked cooler than Jack, plain and simple. But he could not have her, as he could not spit with the same authority.

Comparison of Cal and Jack

Cal Jack
Educated Uneducated
Knows proper table manners Knows proper spitting habits
Loves Rose Lust for Rose
Looks over 16 years old Looks under 16 years old
Planning to get married Planning to take a man's fiancee
Looks like a decent man Looks like a girl
Owns beautiful paintings Doesn't know how to draw
Taller Shorter
Happens to own a lot of money Happens to own a few rags
Has a right to be angry Has a right to be ashamed


The whole "love story" was just too unbelieveable. First of all, there was never a sense of love to begin with between Jack and Rose. In love there are feelings such as insecurity, nervousness, anger, and desperation, none of which were present between the two main characters of the movie. It seemed more like a high school "crush". There was no love.

A few things didn't make sense during the film. When Rose wanted to jump off the boat, she was towards the front of the ship. She ran all the way to the back of the ship, THEN when over the barricade before Jack stopped her. Why did she have to run to the back? She could have jumped over at any side, yet she had to run past Jack to the back of the boat. By the way, is it THAT easy to get over the barricade?! Wouldn't there be security officers patroling to make sure people are safe? isn't there a distance between the side of the boat and the main floor that the people are not allowed to go?

Many people seem to think that the best part of the movie was when Jack and Rose stood in the front of the ship and pretended to be birds. We don't think so. They looked more like idiots. Again, how are they allowed by security to do that?! It's a stupid thing to do in the first place. When the camers zoomed across them, how come they were the ONLY ones on the deck? Aren't there supposed to be a lot of people there? How come it was just them? No security, no one.


At the end of the movie, Rose floats on a rather large raft, while the others struggle to hold on to something. Jack holds on to the side of the raft. Why?! The raft obviously looked big enough to hold more than one person. Jack could have gotten on. As a matter of fact, lots of other people could have fit on the raft. Yet Rose claims the raft to herself, and sings while she's at it. How selfish.


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